Restaurant Menu System


Below are a few actual screen shots of the restaurant menu content management system and a few quick notes on each screen's function.

Account Settings
  • Change Account Name
  • Review Package Details
  • Grant Access to Editor
  • Review Update Logs

Menu Setup
  • Set Menu Title
  • Selection option to display Title
  • Enter Menu Header/Footer text

Menu List
  • Rearrange of Menus List
  • Delete Entire Menus
  • Access Menu Setup & Sections

Section Preview
  • Update Section Title
  • Update Section Header/Footers
  • Custom Price Column Headings
  • Preview Section Layout

Section Layout
  • Choose section specific design
  • 4-column w/3 price columns
  • 3-column w/2 price columns
  • 2-column w/1 price columns
  • Flexible paragraph style layouts

Section Items
  • Preview Menu Section
  • Rearrange Item Order
  • Delete Items

Edit Item
  • Item Title and Description
  • Up to 3 Prices
  • Additional Item Note
  • Published Status

Product/Support Documents
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